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In 2002-2004 this was Christina Aguilera’s official fan club website. It was around for several years and then the domain expired.  If you are searching for the Official Christina Aguilera Site go here: If you want to visit what is touted as the Largest Christina Aguilera Fansite Online go here:

But if you want to return to 2002-2003 and take a look at the PR that surrounded Stripped, the audacious new RCA Records release from Christina Aguilera, continue to read on. When I saw this site's domain was once again available I immediately bought it and decided to rebuild the site to it’s nostalgic self. By using archived content and some outside sources for images, I have attempted to bring back the spirit of the original 2002-2004 Christina Aguilera’s official fan club website. Please be indulgent, if it is not exactly as you remember it, not all images or pages were available.

I remember when I first heard Stripped. I was in New York attending a conference on search engine optimization, which is the technique used to advance the ranks of websites. As a website developer, this was hugely important to our clients and we were eager to learn from the pros. We were super impressed with the presentations, especially one given by TNG/Earthling's CEO Bob Sakayama. We met privately after with him and he shared a myriad of stories pertaining to changes underway in the field. Google penalties was a topic we had never heard of until this event, but we learned how important it was to keep our sites search compliant with Google's guidelines. The conference was a means for my company to network and perhaps find new clients. My boss felt we could also contribute to the ongoing discussions regarding the coding involved to create the means to gather data and analyze it. We were relaxing at a club after the last night of the conference when songs (Beautiful, Dirrty, and Fighter from the album Stripped started to play. The crowds reaction was pretty incredible. Whoa, it was Christina Aguiler. What a new look and sound. I later attended The Stripped Tour in 2003 as well as the Justified Tour.

SO from one Christina Aguilera fan to all you other Christina Aguilera fans....Enjoy a nostalgic return to 2002-2003



True to its title, Stripped, the audacious new RCA Records release from Christina Aguilera, strips away the last remnants of her previous teen idol persona and what’s left is as real as it gets.

The sixteen new tracks that comprise Stripped, including her sensational debut single, "Dirrty," showcases an unadorned, unfettered and fearlessly outspoken artist who has liberated herself, her soul and her music on an album that is as much a declaration of independence as it is a convincing demonstration of her fierce and original talent. Simply put, this is the real deal. "When you’re seventeen years old, green and inexperienced, you’re grateful for any guidance and direction you can get." Says Christina on her rocket sled ride to the top following the 1999 release of her eponymously-titled debut album, with its string of consecutive chart toppers, including "Genie In A Bottle" and "What A Girl Wants." It was a feat she would repeat the following year with Mi Reflejo, the smash Spanish language version of her debut, followed by her hit holiday release, My Kind Of Christmas.

Ten million plus albums, a Grammy win for Best New Artist and a marathon round of world touring later, Christina began to fearlessly break free from the mass media mask that hid her true self, and the full scope of her talent.

"I felt trapped," she admits. "I was under the thumb of people who were mostly interested in keeping me doing exactly the same thing. But I’m not blaming anyone," she’s quick to add. "You learn fast in this business and, once I knew where I wanted to go, I didn’t let anyone get in my way."

Where she wanted to go, at least initially, was to her Los Angeles home where she could catch her breath, reconnecting with herself and her two canine companions. "I needed a break," she reveals. "I wanted to disappear into empty space for awhile. So much had happened in such a short time, and not only in my career. I’d gone through a breakup with my first real love and I began realizing that I should be experiencing a bit more of life than TV and recording studios, hotels and green rooms." As well intended as her much-deserved hiatus may have been, the vocalist and songwriter still had to contend with the restless creative energy that had fueled her preteen trajectory from talent show contestant in and around her native Pittsburgh to international super stardom.

Lady Marmalade

"I’m driven," is Christina’s frank admission. "Even in the midst of touring, I was thinking about what my next album would be, writing bits and pieces of songs in journals and scrapbooks." That album, like Christina’s long overdue R&R, would have to wait. Unable to resist the lure of a promising creative collaboration, she joined forces with Pink, Mya and Lil’ Kim on the smash "Lady Marmalade" single and video. That eye-popping slice of ear candy kept her front and center in the international spotlight even as she began, slowly and steadily, to lay the groundwork for a musical manifesto that would change all the rules. "I was straight ahead about what I wanted to do," Christina continues. "For a long time, I’d been uncomfortable with the image that had been built around me and my music. It felt like I was pretending, trying to hide the real me, and hurting inside because of it. This time I was determined to step beyond the hype and glitter, to take it back down to the bare necessities. It was like starting all over again."

Exploring New Horizons

Yet at the same time, Christina’s bold work-in-progress wasn’t simply a reaction to the past. "I wanted to explore some of the music that had inspired me coming up," she explains. "I’ve always been a huge fan of soul. I love real rock & roll and hip-hop, of course, is one of my biggest influences. I wanted it all." And what she wanted she set about to achieve with a relentless determination and a willingness to stretch her creative boundaries. "I’ve always thought recording was about attaining perfection," she reveals. "What I discovered making this album is that getting across real feelings is what’s important. As much as possible, I wanted to have the listener right there in the studio with me. I wanted to introduce myself, to get down to it. What mattered was sharing what I was really going through…for the first time."

And the first and most formidable challenge for Christina was to assemble a supporting cast that, in her words, "weren’t influenced by my old image." A ruthless process of elimination yielded a production and songwriting team that included, among others, Pink producer Linda Perry; the team of Redman and Rockwilder; Alanis Morrissette producer Glenn Ballard; fast rising studio wizard Scott Storch, as well artist/producer Alicia Keys. Recorded over an eighteen-month stretch, with Christina firmly at the helm every step of the way, Stripped slowly but surely took shape, not only as an exercise in breathtaking stylistic diversity but as a resonant and revealing look into the mind and emotions of a young woman on the verge of personal and professional liberation.

The result is resonant and revealing original tracks that decisively shred Christina’s squeaky clean persona, even as they set the stage for a career that, millions of albums and concert tickets later, is only now just getting started. The proof is all over Stripped, from the opening notes of "Impossible," the smoky ballad by Alicia Keys, to the romantic revelations of "Can’t Hold Us Down," featuring the persuasive production of Scott Storch; from the soaring affirmations of "Beautiful," to blistering licks of "Make Over," to the superheated funk of "Dirrty," featuring Redman and Rockwilder. "I loved ‘Let’s Get Dirty,’" Christina reveals, "So I asked Rockwilder to put something together kind of like that for me." She laughs. "What I got was a little too close, but then I figured, ‘Why not?’ The track is like an answer song to the original, only from a female point of view."

As much excitement and surprise as a first listening to Stripped might generate, there are other textures, urgent, honest and unguarded, that emerge with time. "Everything I sing about in ‘I’m OK’ is real," she asserts. "I took it right out of my life and I’m singing it right to my Dad." While another Stripped standout, "Can’t Hold Me Down," may at first sound like payback to a certain superstar rapper, for Christina that’s hardly the point. "I haven’t got time for all that," is her retort. "I’m more interested in helping girls stand up for themselves. That’s what the song is about – double standards and how we’re supposed to look and act a certain way just to please men. If I have any influence as an entertainer, I want it to be optimistic and uplifting, to make this world a little better place to live." For Christina Aguilera, it all begins by getting real. "This music is who I am," she confidently asserts. "You can take it or leave it, but I’m not going to change, not for anyone." In the end, she says, it’s a tribute to the millions of worldwide fans who have made her a household name. "Fans grow up, too," she smiles. "We’re all reaching out for something more real and if we really want it, we’re going to find it. This album is for anyone who really wants it." 


  • MTV Europe Awards Winner! In addition to being the best awards show host ever, Xtina won in the category of Best Female! The 10th Annual MTV Europe Awards were held in Edinburgh, Scotland. - posted 11/7/03
  • Congratulations to Christina for winning Best Single for Dirrty at the Q Awards. - posted 10/6/03
  • Christina has been honored with a special award at the GLAAD Awards for her video "Beautiful". - posted 5/13/03
  • Christina won the BEST INTERNATIONAL FEMALE at the Channel V Thailand awards. - posted 4/10/03
  • Dirrty wins the Sexiest Video Award, as voted by Yahoo! And users.- posted 2/25/03
  • Christina is nominated for a Grammy! DIRRTY is nominated in the category of Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group. - posted 1/10/03
  • Christina has won the 2002 ALMA Award for Outstanding Song in A Motion Picture Soundtrack: 'Lady Marmalade' The show aired Saturday, June 1, 2002 on ABC-TV.
  • MTV Japan held their very first Video Music Awards with 'Lady Marmalade' winning Best Video From a Film
  • The 2002 MVPA Video Award winners have been announced:
    - Best Styling In A Video: 'Lady Marmalade' (Trish Summerville)
    - Best R & B Video: 'What's Going On' - Artists Against AIDS (Black Dog Films / Jake Scott and Malik Sayeed)
    - Winners were announced Wednesday, May 22, 2002 at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood
  • Christina won her third Grammy Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals for 'Lady Marmalade'.
  • Christina won a TMF Award from the Belgium music channel and Holland music channel for Best Video Of The Year for 'Lady Marmalade'


June 3 2003 News Blast


Xposed Sends Contest Winner to WANGO TANGO 

Xposed managed to find a pair of great seats to give away for the KISS-FM Wango Tango Reality Show Festival on Saturday, May 17th. Christina gave Xposed a pair of seats from her own personal ticket holds!

We quickly found a fan club member to attend, long-time Christina fan Lori Rayburn. Lori and her husband emailed us their review:

Our seats were were in the 14th row off to the side of the stage. Christina came on at 9pm! She came out in a really cool white,pink and black leather outfit....and her new jet black hair! She sang 5 songs including Dirrty, Beautiful, Fighter, Infatuation and Impossible. Her voice is so amazing! The crowd went wild when she came on! Everyone was on their feet and singing right along with her. This was the first time my husband heard her live. After hearing her sing he realized why I love her so much. Her voice is so powerful's just awesome!

Thanks so much to Xposed for sending us to Wango Tango!

Our pleasure, Lori! 

Justified and Stripped 2003 Tour Gearing Up!

Christina is getting ready for this summer's U.S. tour with Justin Timberlake, one of the most anticipated events of the summer! The tour launches in Phoenix on June 4th! If you haven't bought your tickets already, great seats are reserved for Xposed members for a limited time.


Xposed Sends Contest Winner to the GLAAD Awards

On April 26th, Xposed sent one lucky winner and a friend to see Christina perform at the GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles. The 14th Annual Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Media Awards were held at the glamorous Kodak Theatre. Edwin Rivera, Xposed's first contest winner, was thrilled he could attend. Edwin received two VIP tickets from Xposed, provided by the wonderful organizers of the GLAAD Awards. "We were seated in the Mezzanine level with a great view of the stage," said Edwin, "And I could see the stars sitting right below me. At the formal dinner, I sat two tables away from the 'Queer as Folk' and 'Will & Grace' casts. It was crazy!" 

And of course, the highlight for Edwin and his friend was Christina's performance. Edwin described her acapella version of 'Beautiful,' "It was breathtaking. The whole audience was in complete silence, and I found myself getting a little teary-eyed during her performance. Her voice was so powerful during that number, that once she sang the last verse, the audience gave her a roaring applause!" Christina received a special award for her music video for ‘Beautiful.’ "Christina Aguilera's 'Beautiful' video conveys a powerful message about self-respect and empowerment," said Joan M. Garry, GLAAD's executive director. "At a time when many in the music industry avoid lesbian and gay themes altogether, or even worse, use defamatory images to appear 'edgy,' Christina's decision to feature gay and transgender people in her video is a strong statement of inclusion, affirmation and acceptance." 

Edwin said he felt great about being part of such a special night. "I felt at home. The atmosphere was pleasant and the cause was great. I felt that gay, lesbian and transgender people were and are achieving their goals in life and I am glad there are people who support us." 

Christina Aguilera’s First-Ever European Tour! 

Get in on tickets BEFORE they go on sale to the public. Tickets for Stripped Tour 2003 go on sale through Xposed on April 23, 2003. Christina is touring over 20 cities in Europe, beginning in September.

  • Xclusive Tickets: A general admission ticket with preferred entry…you get into the venue 30 minutes before the public! OR, one of the best reserved seats in the house! Every ticket purchase comes with a laminate to get you into the show V.I.P.-style!
  • Velvet Rope Xperience: Get the kind of access normally reserved for artists and their crew. You are guaranteed to be up close at the show! And, take a backstage tour, be part of the V.I.P. party and get a bag of cool giveaways! 


2003 Get 'Stripped' Down Under!

Christina Aguilera brings her Stripped 2003 Tour to Australia! Tickets go on sale through Xposed on August 1, 2003 (Australia time) and July 31, 2003 in the USA. Although the Velvet Rope Xperience will not be offered in Australia, Xposed is offering amazing tickets to members! All Xclusive Tickets are in the first 30 rows on the floor. And at each show, we reserved 50 seats in the first ten rows! So act fast.

Christina's Australian tour stops:

  • Sydney - 8 December 2003, 8:00 pm Sydney Entertainment Centre
  • Melbourne - 11 December 2033, 8:00 pm Rod Laver Arena at Melbourne Park
  • Brisbane - 14 December, 8:00 pm Brisbane Entertainment Centre

VMAs get Dirrty!

Christina was nominated in four categories at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, for her video 'Dirrty.' The four categories are: Best Female Video, Best Dance Video, Best Pop Video and Best Choreography In a Video.

E! Christina Special

If you missed the special's debut on the E! network, catch it this week! It airs on Wednesday, 7/23 at 8:00 PM, Saturday, 7/26 at 10:00 AM and Sunday, 7/27/03 at 4:00 PM. Click here for more info.

'Can't Hold Us Down' Premiere

Christina's brand-new video premiered on July 7th, 2003 on MTV's TRL! Let's keep it at #1. The request lines are open from 12:30- 1:00 pm (ET/PT). Be sure to cast your vote to get her new video straight to #1! or call 1-800-DIAL-MTV